Selecting the right credit card reader for iPhone

credit card reader for iPhone

More and more people are shopping on the move. They are using their credit cards to buy the things they need both offline and online. So, if a business doesn’t have a credit card reader, then their sales will suffer. At the same time, modern businesses are embracing the same technology. In the recent period, there is an increased number of business owners and managers that have mobile credit card readers. These devices have proven to be very convenient and useful. We will use this article to highlight a list of devices that should help you pick the right credit card reader for iPhone.

PayPal Here

The most popular electronic payment processor has created a credit card reader that works perfectly fine with iPhone. This is an inexpensive card reader which comes with a bunch of accessories which increase its functionality. PayPal Here also has a simple application that doesn’t require technical knowledge in order to use it. Users also like the fact that PayPal Here has a tiered transaction fee structure which is more than fair. Of course, there is a downside and in this case, it’s the poor customer support service.


PayAnywhere is a famous payments platform from the United States. They have also created a mobile card reader for iPhone. The best part about this specific reader is that it’s a free device. In addition, people are happy to use it because it accepts contactless payments which are becoming more popular these days. Keep in mind that PayAnywhere comes with an inactivity fee and a little bit complex pricing structure.

QuickBooks Payments

Many of you are familiar with one of the best account software solutions for small business – QuickBooks. Well, the same company has developed QuickBooks Payments one of the best mobile credit card readers for iPhone and Android. There are many positive things that we can point out about it including no minimum volume of usage and great integration with the accounting software. But, we should not forget to mention the relatively high transaction fees.


In case you want to save some money on a device and app like this, you should check SumUp. This cheap solution supports chip cards and it doesn’t require a minimum on transaction volume. So, it’s ideal for small businesses. When it comes to disadvantages, SumUp doesn’t provide an instant payout.

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