Top Credit Card Reader Options in 2018

Credit Card Reader Options

Credit card readers are a must for every modern business today. Only a small number of people are using cash today and most of them are relying on their credit or debit cards when they want to purchase things online and in physical stores. If you want to get the most from a device like this, then you should check the top credit card reader options in 2018. They come equipped with different features that will bring positive effects to your business. The following is a short list of the best credit card readers in 2018.


Dharma or Dharma Merchant Services as it is officially called is a credit card reader option that’s perfect for large retail stores. Of course, it has many restaurants and nonprofits as users too. One of the things that make Dharma unique is the interchange pricing model. This model is offering fair fees to your transactions. The only downside of using Dharma is that it doesn’t provide customer support which is available 24/7.


EMS+ is a product developed by Electronic Merchant Systems. It represents a mobile credit card reader with great power. Once you signup for their credit card processing package you will get a free mobile magstripe swiper. This solution is offering flat rates for all the transactions regardless of the card type used in the process. Another great thing is that setting up and using EMS+ is very easy and simple. Even if the user doesn’t have experience in this area, they will figure out how to use EMS+ right away.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is one of the latest products unveiled by PayPal. You can accept credit card payments on a PayPal business account with the help of this processor. It’s worth mentioning that this option accepts credit and debit magnetic stripe cards. You can use it on Windows, iOS and Android-based mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Similar to other solutions, PayPal Here charges flat fees.

QuickBooks GoPayment

This is a product developed by Intuit and used by thousands of business owners. Of course, you should expect smooth integration with QuickBooks. There’s a modern mobile application which has a smooth interface and it’s very easy to use it on tablets and smartphones. Whenever you enter something in the mobile application, the data is transferred to the QuickBooks account. Users can choose between a monthly plan and a pays as you go plan.

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